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THE CITY OF 14 <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLE ASANTON® <br /> December 17, 2019 <br /> Community Development <br /> Planning Division <br /> TITLE: INTRODUCE AN ORDINANCE TO ADD A NEW SECTION 18.140.030 FINES <br /> AND RESTRICTIONS ON FUTURE DEVELOPMENT FOR ILLEGAL <br /> HISTORIC BUILDING DEMOLITION TO THE MUNICIPAL CODE, AND <br /> ADOPT A RESOLUTION TO MODIFY THE PURCHASING PROCEDURES <br /> AND MANUAL TO ALLOW FOR CONTRACT CANCELLATIONS WHEN <br /> BUSINESSES VIOLATE THE MUNICIPAL CODE <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Pleasanton values historic buildings and has policies to preserve these community <br /> resources. The current Pleasanton Municipal Code does not have clear consequences <br /> if the owner of a historic building demolishes or alters such building without proper <br /> approval. The proposed municipal code amendment would allow the imposition of a <br /> monetary fine, as well as impose development restrictions on building replacement, for <br /> any illegal historic building demolition or alteration. A related amendment to the <br /> Purchasing Procedures and Manual allows the City to cancel contracts with businesses <br /> that violate the municipal code. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> The proposed ordinance was considered by the Planning Commission at its meeting of <br /> November 13, 2019. The Commission unanimously recommended adoption with <br /> modifications that: fines be based on the greater of appraised value or replacement <br /> value; and replacement building be in the same style as the demolished building. <br /> Staff recommends that the City Council: <br /> 1. Introduce the ordinance to add a new Municipal Code Section 18.140.030 Fines <br /> and Restrictions on Future Development for Illegal Historic Building Demolition <br /> as shown in Attachment 1. <br /> 2. Adopt resolution amending the Purchasing Procedures and Manual as shown in <br /> Attachment 2. <br /> FISCAL IMPACT <br /> Existing staff in the Community Development Department will enforce the proposed <br /> ordinance. Given that the number and scope of violations cannot be projected, fiscal <br /> impacts associated with enforcement of the ordinance and collection of fines is <br /> unknown at this time. <br />