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THE CITY OF <br /> • <br /> - 4 <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLE ASANTON <br /> December 3, 2019 <br /> Community Development <br /> Planning Division <br /> TITLE: ADOPT A RESOLUTION AMENDING THE MASTER FEE SCHEDULE TO <br /> ESTABLISH A FEE FOR PROCESSING SMALL WIRELESS FACILITY <br /> APPLICATIONS <br /> SUMMARY <br /> In September 2018, the Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules <br /> affecting local regulation of small wireless facilities. In order to comply with these new <br /> rules, on March 11, 2019, City Council adopted an ordinance amending the Pleasanton <br /> Municipal Code to address small wireless facilities, and adopted a policy for the purpose <br /> of regulating the permitting, design, and location of such facilities citywide, including <br /> requirements and procedures for the processing of small wireless facility applications. <br /> To offset the costs of processing these small wireless facility applications, and in <br /> recognition of the specific nature, timeframes and requirements of small wireless facility <br /> planning approvals, staff recommends the addition of a Small Wireless Facility Permit <br /> Fee to the City's Master Fee Schedule. The recommended fee is set at $3,779 per site <br /> for facilities within the public right of way, and $3,552 per site for facilities on private <br /> property. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Adopt a resolution amending the Master Fee Schedule to establish a permit fee of <br /> $3,779 per site for small wireless facilities within the public right of way, and a permit fee <br /> of $3,552 per site for small wireless facilities on private property. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The new Small Wireless Facility Fee is intended to offset costs associated with staff and <br /> consultant time necessary to process these applications in the timeframe required by <br /> law. As a result, there will be a small amount of revenue associated with each fee, <br /> based on the portion of the fee offsetting staff time. At this time, staff does not have an <br /> estimate of ongoing revenues which may be generated annually, but as an example, <br /> fees covering 10 sites in the public right of way would result in approximately $27,800 in <br /> revenue to offset staff time for processing the applications. <br /> The established fee will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary in the future in order to <br /> maintain a reasonable offset of actual costs associated with processing small wireless <br /> facility applications. <br />