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THE CITY OF <br />® �,. � iii iii _i� � �_= CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />�L�E �S�NTON= <br />September 17, 2019 <br />Finance <br />TITLE: ACCEPT THE MONTHLY DISBURSEMENTS AND INVESTMENT REPORT <br />FOR JULY 2019 <br />SUMMARY <br />Attached is the City of Pleasanton monthly disbursements and investment report for the <br />month of July 2019, in accordance with the City's investment policy. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends that the City Council accept claim disbursements in the amount of <br />$25,994,823 and the investment report for the month of July 2019. <br />Submitt by: <br />/� <br />Tina Olson <br />Director of Finance <br />Approved y: <br />Nelson Fialho <br />City Manager <br />