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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> ,�, Agenda Report <br /> �I <br /> LEASA\TON September 112019 <br /> Item <br /> SUBJECT: Actions of the City Council <br /> September 3, 2019 <br /> Consent Calendar: <br /> Actions of the Zoning Administrator and Planning Commission <br /> Second reading and adoption of Ordinance No. 2193 approving changes to zoning designations <br /> for the Downtown Specific Plan Area (Councilmember Testa Recused) <br /> Second reading and adoption of Ordinance No. 2194 amending Chapter 17.24 (Transportation <br /> Systems Management) and Title 18 (Zoning) of the Municipal Code to implement policies of the <br /> updated Downtown Specific Plan, as filed under Case P18-0050 (Councilmember Testa <br /> Recused) <br /> Approve agreement with FirstCarbon Solutions in the amount of $93,275 for the preparation of <br /> environmental analysis for the Stoneridge Mall Housing Project <br /> Item was removed from the agenda to be considered at a future date <br /> Approve amendment to the agreement with FirstCarbon Solutions for the preparation of an <br /> environmental impact report for Ponderosa Homes' Hidden Canyon/Lester project, increasing <br /> the contract by $39,870 for a total amount of $262,016 <br /> Council approved the consent calendar as submitted and amended <br /> Actions of the City Council Page 1 of 1 September 11, 2019 <br /> Low Density <br /> Residential (PUD-LDR) District; (3) PUD development plan approval to create five <br /> single-family residential lots with a set of design review guidelines and related on- and off-site <br /> improvements; and (4) Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map approval to subdivide the 3.28-acre <br /> parcel into 5 residential lots. Zoning of the site is Planned Unit Development - Agricultural <br /> (PUD-A). <br /> P19-0190, Blue Oaks Church <br /> Application for operation of a religious facility in an existing commercial building located at <br /> 7139 Koll Center Parkway. <br /> P19-0151, 5 Winding Oaks Drive <br /> Application for Design Review approval to construct an approximately 5,770-square-foot, <br /> single-story residence with an approximately 1 ,137-square-foot attached garage at 5 Winding <br /> Oaks Drive. Zoning is Planned Unit Development — Hillside Residential/Open Space (PUD- <br /> HR/OS) District. <br /> Future Planning Calendar Page 1 of 1 September 11, 2019 <br />nference Room, 3333 Busch Rd., Pleasanton <br /> Staff Contacts: Joelle Glushenko, Recreation Supervisor, 931-3432 <br /> Committee, Commission, and Task Force List Page 2 of 2 September 11, 2019 <br />D PRESERVE PROJECT <br /> NOTICE OF PREPARATION <br />d Housing—The proposed project site is currently developed with two <br /> residential homes and related structures located on the south side of Devaney Creek. Both <br /> homes are owned by the Lester family. The proposed project includes demolition of the two <br /> homes and replacement with two new homes on the south side of Devaney Creek; an <br /> additional 29 homes would be constructed in the central portion of the site on the north side <br /> of Devaney Creek. <br /> Approximately 43.85 acres of the site is currently designated for low-density residential <br /> development in the General Plan, with a maximum density of 1.99 units per gross acre. This <br /> land use designation suggests that the General Plan buildout assumed up to 87 dwelling units, <br /> which indicates that the proposed development of 29 lots was already accounted for in the <br /> FirstCarbon Solutions 6 <br />posed project would require a Growth <br /> Management Allocation for the 31 proposed units.Approval of the allocation is at the City <br /> FirstCarbon Solutions 3 <br />