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THE CITY OF <br /> 5 <br /> •• # ° r CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON. <br /> July 16, 2019 <br /> Engineering <br /> TITLE: APPROVE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS, REVIEW BIDS, AND AWARD <br /> CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT TO OLYMPUS AND ASSOCIATES, INC. IN <br /> THE AMOUNT OF $1,730,706 FOR THE BI-ANNUAL WATER TANK <br /> CORROSION REPAIRS PROJECT, CIP NO. 18127 (BID AS THE THREE <br /> TANK REHABILITATION PROJECT); REVIEW AND AWARD THE THIRD- <br /> PARTY COATING INSPECTION CONTRACT TO CSI SERVICES, INC. FOR <br /> THE NOT-TO-EXCEED AMOUNT OF $99,953; REVIEW AND AWARD <br /> CONTRACT AMENDMENT FOR ADDITIONAL DESIGN AND <br /> CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT SERVICES TO MURRAYSMITH (FORMERLY <br /> QUINCY ENGINEERING) FOR THE NOT-TO-EXCEED AMOUNT OF <br /> $111,345 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> This Water Enterprise Funded Capital Improvement Project consists of rehabilitating the <br /> upper Ruby Hills, Moller Ranch, and Laurel Creek water tanks. The scope of work to <br /> fully rehabilitate the tanks includes replacement of access hatches and ladders, <br /> replacement of tank vents, structural repairs to some interior tank roof support columns, <br /> and removal and replacement of all tank interior corrosion prevention coating systems. <br /> The cathodic protection system for each tank will also be replaced, as well as spot <br /> repairs made to the corrosion prevention coating on the exterior of the tanks. <br /> Rehabilitation of the water tanks will eliminate corrosion, improve water quality, and <br /> increase the service life of the reservoirs. Bids have been received for the subject <br /> project and staff is recommending award of the construction contract to the lowest <br /> responsible bidder, Olympus and Associates, Inc. in the amount of $1,730,706 for the <br /> Bi-Annual Water Tank Corrosion Repairs Project, CIP No. 18127. Staff is also <br /> recommending award of the third-party coating specialty inspection contract to CSI <br /> Services, Inc. for the not-to-exceed amount of $99,953 and a contract amendment for <br /> additional design services and construction support services to MurraySmith (formerly <br /> Quincy Engineering) for the not-to-exceed amount of $111,345. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1. Approve plans and specifications for the project. <br /> 2. Review the bids received and award the construction contract for the project to <br /> Olympus and Associates, Inc. of Reno, NV, for the low bid amount of $1,730,706. <br /> 3. Authorize the City Manager to enter into the project contract. <br />