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THE CITY OF 1 (� <br /> j8 <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON <br /> June 4, 2019 <br /> Finance <br /> TITLE: REVIEW OF THE TWO YEAR OPERATING BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEARS <br /> 2019/20 AND 2020/21 AND THE FOUR YEAR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT <br /> PROGRAM FOR FISCAL YEARS 2019/20 THROUGH 2022/23 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Every two years the City adopts a two year operating budget and a four year Capital <br /> Improvement Program (CIP) (collectively, the "Budget"). Prior to adoption of the <br /> Budget, staff has traditionally presented the document to the City Council in a public <br /> meeting for the purpose of facilitating public comment, addressing any Budget <br /> related questions and receiving any direction regarding amendments or additional <br /> information. As such, this item is intended to be a dialogue between the Council, the <br /> public and staff regarding the Budget. Copies of the budget and CIP books have <br /> been distributed to all Council members. <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Review the Two Year Operating Budget and the four year Capital Improvement <br /> Program, and provide staff with direction regarding any issues or amendments to <br /> address prior to formal Council action scheduled for June 18, 2019. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> Total City Budget expenditures for fiscal years 2019/20 and 2020/21 are $189.7 <br /> million and $194.3 million respectively for the Operating Budget and $28.6 million <br /> and $25.2 million for the Capital Improvement Program. Staff intends to make <br /> individual presentations for both of the budgets providing detail on the Budget <br /> including revenues and expenditures. <br />