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THE CITY OF <br /> „ _,_� 1181 <br /> PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> WahLEASA\TON. SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES <br /> City Council Chamber <br /> 200 Old Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566 <br /> DRAFT <br /> Wednesday, March 13, 2019 <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER, PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, AND ROLL CALL <br /> The Planning Commission Special Meeting of March 13, 2019 was called to order at 6:30 p.m. <br /> by Chair Allen. <br /> Staff Members Present: Gerry Beaudin, Director of Community Development; Ellen Clark, <br /> Planning Manager; Stefanie Ananthan, Recording Secretary <br /> Commissioners Present: Commissioners Jack Balch, Justin Brown, Greg O'Connor, Herb <br /> Ritter and Chair Nancy Allen <br /> Commissioners Absent: None <br /> 2. PUBLIC COMMENT — Comments are limited to items listed on this agenda. <br /> There were no members of the audience wishing to address the Commission. <br /> 3. PRESENTATION BY KNUT OJERMARK REGARDING DOWNTOWN PLEASANTON <br /> Community Development Director Gerry Beaudin stated Knut Ojermark had requested to make <br /> a presentation to the Downtown Specific Plan Update Task Force regarding downtown <br /> Pleasanton, however, Mr. Ojermark was directed to give his presentation to the Planning <br /> Commission. <br /> Planning Manager Ellen Clark echoed Mr. Beaudin's remarks and welcomed Mr. Ojermark with <br /> a brief introduction to the Commission, stating he has been a long-time Pleasanton resident, <br /> has maintained an active interest in downtown planning, and a frequent attendee of the <br /> Downtown Specific Plan Task Force meetings. He will be presenting his ideas and concepts <br /> regarding downtown Pleasanton to the Commission. <br /> Mr. Ojermark gave a PowerPoint presentation with a brief background on his education, <br /> upbringing, experience and worldwide travel. He presented photos of various cities' <br /> downtowns, highlighting people walking through the streets, and spoke further on his ideas to <br /> alter the layout of downtown, proposing either to close Main Street to vehicles, or making it a <br /> one-way street, so that the space would be available to pedestrians and for dining and outdoor <br /> gatherings. He also spoke to concepts of marketing, creating attractions like a "niche" movie <br /> Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes Page 1 of 3 March 13, 2019 <br />