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THE CITY OF <br /> Planning Commission <br /> Agenda Report <br /> -.. m : <br /> LEAsANToN© April 24, 2019 <br /> Item 9 <br /> SUBJECT: Actions of the City Council <br /> April 16, 2019 <br /> Consent Calendar: <br /> PUBLIC HEARING: Introduced and waived first reading of Ordinance No. 2190 approving an <br /> application of Henry Batteate for Planned Unit Development (PUD) development plan to <br /> construct an approximately 5,059-square-foot single-family residence with an approximately <br /> 939-square-foot attached garage and to convert the existing 1,016-square-foot residence to an <br /> accessory dwelling unit located at 481 Sycamore Road as filed under Case PUD-131 <br /> Adopted and waived second reading of Ordinance No. 2189 approving the application of the <br /> City of Pleasanton for rezoning as filed under Case P19-0023 for the property located at <br /> 4363 and 4377 First Street <br /> Adopted Resolution No. 19-1070 supporting the U.S. Census 2020 <br /> Council approved the consent calendar as submitted <br /> Public Hearing: <br /> PUBLIC HEARING: Consider appeals of Michael and Darlene Miller and Chabad of the <br /> Tri-Valley of the Planning Commission's approval of a Conditional Use Permit and Design <br /> Review for the operation of a religious institution with a childcare facility/preschool and for site <br /> modifications including a playground and terrace for outdoor activities for Chabad of the <br /> Tri-Valley located at 3370 Hopyard Road <br /> Action recommended: Deny appeals and uphold Planning Commission approval <br /> Action taken: Adopted per staff recommendation <br /> Vote: 5-0 <br /> Downtown Specific Plan Update: Provide policy direction to staff and the Downtown Specific <br /> Plan Task Force on five topics <br /> Council discussed and provided direction on the five topics, but continued the item to the <br /> next meeting for additional discussion and potential reconsideration of policy direction regarding <br /> the property-owner initiated requests for rezoning. <br /> Actions of the City Council Page 1 of 2 April 24, 2019 <br />