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THE CITY OF <br /> ,somemPlanning Commission <br /> maim =.t • __= Agenda Report <br /> LEASANTON© April 24, 2019 <br /> Item 8 <br /> SUBJECT: Future Planning Calendar <br /> PUD-121, 6455 Owens Drive <br /> Planned Unit Development Rezoning and Development Plan application to: (1) demolish the <br /> existing approximately 3,510-square-foot restaurant building; (2) rezone the subject parcel <br /> from C-F (Freeway Commercial) to PUD-C (Planned Unit Development— Commercial); and <br /> (3) construct an approximately 10,980-square-foot, single-story, multi-tenant commercial <br /> building and related site improvements at 6455 Owens Drive. Zoning is C-F (Freeway <br /> Commercial). <br /> P19-0031, PUD-135, P19-0030 & Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map/Alaina <br /> StewartlBringhurst LLC <br /> Applications submitted by Alaina Stewart/Bringhurst LLC, for an approximately 3.28-acre site <br /> located at 990 Sycamore Road: (1) an amendment to the North Sycamore Specific Plan <br /> (NSSP) to create five residential home lots (four new and one with the existing residence) on a <br /> site where a total of three home sites were allotted by the North Sycamore Specific Plan <br /> (NSSP); (2) rezoning an approximately 1.01-acre portion of the site from Planned Unit <br /> Development —Agricultural (PUD-A) District to Planned Unit Development — Low Density <br /> Residential (PUD-MDR) District; (3) PUD development plan approval to create five <br /> single-family residential lots with a set of design review guidelines and related on- and off-site <br /> improvements; and (4) Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map approval to subdivide the 3.28-acre <br /> parcel into 5 residential lots. Zoning of the site is Planned Unit Development - Agricultural <br /> (PUD-A). <br /> Downtown Specific Plan <br /> Recommendation for certification of Environmental Impact Report, adoption of Downtown <br /> Specific Plan and related amendments to the City of Pleasanton General Plan and Municipal <br /> Code. <br /> Future Planning Calendar Page 1 of 1 April 24, 2019 <br />