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THE CITY OF <br /> LE ASANTON. <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> Date: March 8, 2019 <br /> r. <br /> To: Mayor and City Council <br /> From: Nelson Fialho, City Manager ' <br /> Subject: City Council Priorities Workshop — 2019-2020 Work Plan <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Review the draft work plan and make changes as needed. Following the Workshop, the final <br /> work plan will be adopted at a regular meeting of the City Council scheduled for March 19, <br /> 2019. <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The attached information is organized in a manner consistent with the previous work plans in <br /> that the Mayor and Councilmembers had an opportunity to review current and recommended <br /> goals and objectives, and to prioritize them in a way that meets their expectations. The <br /> Workshop will enable staff to share results, and the City Council to collectively discuss shared <br /> interests and objectives for the coming two years (2019-2020) and take public input toward <br /> identifying those initiatives that should be included in the Work Plan. <br /> As a reminder, the City's current priorities (see attached) are organized in the following <br /> categories: <br /> 1 . Develop Bernal Community Park <br /> 2. General Plan Implementation <br /> 3. Maintain Fiscal Sustainability <br /> 4. Address Affordable Housing <br /> 5. Implement Improved Traffic Circulation Measures <br /> 6. Foster Economic Prosperity <br /> 7. Strengthen Youth Programs. Services and Activities <br /> 8. Ensure a Safe and Secure Community <br /> 9. Protect and Enhance Pleasanton's Quality of Life, including Downtown <br /> 10. Pursue Environmental Awareness. Health, Land Use and Preservation Issues <br /> 11 .Operate an Effective and Cost-Efficient Government <br /> 12.Organizational Success <br /> The end result of this process is a two-year work plan designed to inform the community of the <br /> Council's shared vision and provide the City Manager with the policy direction needed to direct <br />