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THE CITY OF 6 <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON <br /> November 6, 2018 <br /> Economic Development <br /> TITLE: APPROVAL OF USE AGREEMENT WITH PLEASANTON DOWNTOWN <br /> ASSOCIATION FOR CITY PROPERTY AT 333 DIVISION STREET <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The City of Pleasanton owns the building at 333 Division Street, located behind the <br /> Museum on Main. This building has been previously occupied by Valley Volunteer <br /> Center of Alameda County and Pleasanton Partnerships in Education (PPIE) under the <br /> terms of a formal use agreement. In 2017, the City and Pleasanton Unified School <br /> District staff discussed finding space for PPIE at the District's campus on Bernal <br /> Avenue; a suitable space was identified and PPIE moved its office in late 2017. With the <br /> City building at 333 Division Street now vacant, the timing is advantageous for <br /> Pleasanton Downtown Association (PDA) to enter into a use agreement with the City to <br /> locate the PDA office in a central downtown location. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the City Council approve the attached Use Agreement with the <br /> Pleasanton Downtown Association for the City owned building at 333 Division Street <br /> in downtown Pleasanton. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The current agreement between the PDA and the City requires the City to match the <br /> annual assessments paid by businesses in the Downtown Pleasanton Business <br /> Improvement District. In addition to the direct City contribution, the City provides a <br /> significant amount in indirect funding which includes staff time to administer the PDA <br /> assessments and contract, assistance and support for events, as well as the cost to <br /> maintain downtown planters, cleaning sidewalks, and garbage pickup. The use of this <br /> building is seen as part of the City's commitment to work cooperatively with the <br /> Pleasanton Downtown Association. As defined in the attached draft Use Agreement, <br /> beginning on March 1 , 2019, the PDA would pay the City a monthly rent of $974 <br /> through December 31 , 2019. In 2020, and each calendar year thereafter, the monthly <br /> rent will be adjusted by the annual Consumer Price Index. <br />