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THE CITY OF 4 <br /> ' �:_► CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTO\ <br /> October 2, 2018 <br /> Community Development <br /> Planning Division <br /> TITLE: ACTIONS OF THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR AND PLANNING <br /> COMMISSION <br /> P18-0265, Jerome Wade/Complete Wireless Consulting <br /> Application for Design Review approval to modify the existing wireless facility for <br /> Verizon Wireless located at 4440 Willow Road. The proposed modifications include: (1) <br /> removal and replacement of three existing panel antennas with three new antennas; (2) <br /> installing three new panel antennas on the existing pipe mounts; (3) installing one new <br /> surge protector on the equipment and one new surge protector on an existing antenna; <br /> (4) installing six remote radio units (RRUs) behind the antennas and removing three <br /> existing tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs) on the existing antenna standoff on the <br /> existing monopole; (5) installing three RRUs within the existing equipment shelter; and <br /> (6) installing miscellaneous support cables/equipment. <br /> Approved. (4 days) <br /> P18-0262, Sorin Enache/Promotion Plus Sign Co., Inc. <br /> Application for Sign Design Review approval to reface the existing monument sign and <br /> modify the colors and sign of the existing fuel pumps and fuel pump canopies at the <br /> existing 76 Station located at 1801 Santa Rita Road. <br /> Approved. (13 days) <br /> P18-0167, Neal Mirchandani <br /> Application for Administrative Design Review approval to construct an approximately <br /> 1 ,158-square-foot one-story addition on the rear and front of existing residence located <br /> at 444 San Gabriel Court. <br /> Approved. (4 days) <br /> Project Information: <br /> Existing floor area: 1,641 square feet <br /> Total floor area with addition: 2,799 square feet <br /> Lot size: 10,034 square feet <br /> Existing floor area ratio: 16.35 percent <br /> Total floor area ratio with addition: 27.90 percent <br />