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THE CITY OF 14 <br /> --LA " TáN <br /> - CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> June 19, 2018 <br /> Finance <br /> TITLE: APPROVAL OF FY 2018/19 RECURRING PURCHASE ORDER <br /> AGREEMENTS <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The City adopted a Purchasing Manual (2017 Manual) in December 2017, setting forth <br /> purchasing procedures for a wide range of goods and services. The 2017 Manual <br /> establishes the types and values of goods and services requiring City Council approval. <br /> The Recurring Purchase Order Agreements (RPOAs) included in this report as <br /> Attachment 1 require Council approval due to their cumulative values over an annual <br /> period of$100,000 or greater. If approved, staff will be authorized to issue RPOAs to <br /> the vendors included in Attachment 1. <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Authorize the issuance of RPOAs to vendors and amounts up to those listed on <br /> Attachment 1 for the FY 2018/19. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> No significant fiscal impact results from this action, as these are budgeted items <br /> included in the FY 2018/19 Operating Budget. Staff may encumber the RPOAs in the <br /> City's financial system for amounts less than the maximum amount depending on <br /> anticipated requirements for goods and services from each vendor. <br />