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THE CITY OF 1 4 <br /> pLEASANTON. CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> May 15, 2018 <br /> Operations Services <br /> TITLE: AUTHORIZE THE CITY MANAGER TO PURCHASE POLICE RADIOS AND <br /> RELATED COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN <br /> OPERABILITY WITH THE EAST BAY REGIONAL COMMUNICATION <br /> SYSTEM AUTHORITY'S INTEROPERABLE RADIO SYSTEM (EBRCSA) <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Staff is recommending the City Council authorize the City Manager replace sixty-six (66) <br /> mobile police radios and six (6) dispatch consolette radios which need to be upgraded <br /> in order to maintain operability on the East Bay Regional Communication System <br /> (EBRCS). The EBRCSA system enables seamless communication between regional <br /> public safety agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The system was <br /> developed following the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire disaster when responding mutual-aid <br /> agencies learned during the incident that police and fire agencies were not able to <br /> communicate in the field with each other through their radio systems, resulting in delays <br /> with evacuations, property damage and loss of life. <br /> EBRCSA was created as a joint powers authority comprised of cities, counties, and <br /> special districts to operate a common communication platform for member agencies. <br /> The end result is a radio system that enables agencies to communicate with one <br /> another during major emergencies, large scale events and multi-jurisdictional <br /> responses. The joint powers authority is governed by an independent board and day-to- <br /> day operations of the system is managed by the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. <br /> The system backbone was primarily funded through federal and state grants, whereas <br /> annual maintenance and operations of the system is funded through a fee assessed on <br /> each radio programmed to operate within the EBRCSA system. <br /> This item authorizes the City Manager to purchase through the authorized EBRCSA <br /> approved vendors up to sixty-six (66) mobile radios, six (6) dispatch consolette radios, <br /> related equipment, installation, and interface software estimated at $311,000 from <br /> Motorola and RedCloud. However, prior to purchasing the new equipment the City <br /> Manager and City staff will evaluate the appropriate timeline for replacement of each <br /> radio, whether existing radios and supporting equipment can be refurbished with <br /> replacement parts, and whether the proposed new equipment can be supported by the <br /> manufacturer for a suitable timeframe to maximize the City's investment. This extra due <br /> diligence will be performed in coordination with EBRCSA. <br />