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THE CITY OF I O <br /> -7 CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON. <br /> May 15, 2018 <br /> Engineering Department <br /> TITLE: REVIEW AND APPROVE ENGINEER'S REPORT AND BUDGET, AND SET <br /> PUBLIC HEARING FOR 2018-19 ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS FOR <br /> LIGHTING MAINTENANCE DISTRICTS 1984-1 (PONDEROSA-DEL <br /> PRADO), 1993-1 (WINDSOR), 1993-2 (BONDE RANCH), 1994-1 (OAK <br /> TREE FARM), AND 1995-1 (MOLLER RANCH) <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The annual assessments for the maintenance of the Lighting Maintenance Districts in <br /> the Ponderosa (Del Prado), Windsor, Bonde Ranch, Oak Tree Farm, and Moller Ranch <br /> subdivisions have been calculated for fiscal year 2018-19. All districts are underfunded <br /> since assessments have not been increased since the passage of Proposition 218 in <br /> 1996. Discussions with residents in Windsor, Oak Tree Farm, and Moller Ranch are <br /> underway to consider modifying the assessment amounts so that they are sufficient to <br /> meet future maintenance and capital improvement requirements. Staff also intends to <br /> hire a consultant to analyze the special assessments paid by the property owners, the <br /> benefit areas, and the maintenance requirements to confirm compliance with <br /> Proposition 218 and determine what special assessment fees would be necessary to <br /> implement a sustainable landscape maintenance and replacement program. Currently, <br /> all assessments amounts are proposed to remain unchanged until such analysis is <br /> completed. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1. Approve the Engineer's Reports. <br /> 2. Adopt the resolutions that: direct filing of the annual reports; declare the intention to <br /> order improvements; and declare the intention to levy and collect assessments. <br /> 3. Schedule a public hearing for June 19, 2018, and authorize the City Clerk to <br /> advertise a Notice of Annual Hearing (Cal. Streets & Highways Code §22626) ten <br /> days prior to the hearing. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> As required by law, the City will continue to incur a fiscal impact for those parcels that <br /> provide a "general benefit" and are city-owned. To that end, the City will pay $16.62 for <br /> parcel 946-4563-125 (Del Prado Park) and $9,703 for the "general benefit" area along <br /> the Arroyo in District 1984-1 (Ponderosa-Del Prado); $252.91 for parcel 948-0014-1-39 <br /> (water tank site) in District 1993-2 (Bonde Ranch); $1,121.06 for the two parcels, 941- <br />