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THE CITY OF <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />pLEAS4NTONo <br />9(a) <br />February 6, 2018 <br />Community Development <br />Planning Division <br />TITLE: CONSIDER AN APPLICATION FOR A PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT <br />(PUD) DEVELOPMENT PLAN TO CONSTRUCT AN AFFORDABLE 31 -UNIT <br />MULTI -FAMILY RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH <br />SPECIAL NEEDS, INCLUDING AN APPROXIMATELY 5,000 -SQUARE - <br />FOOT COMMUNITY BUILDING WITH ASSOCIATED SITE <br />IMPROVEMENTS ON A VACANT 1.64 -ACRE PROPERTY TO BE <br />DEDICATED TO THE CITY GENERALLY LOCATED AT 3780 STANLEY <br />BOULEVARD <br />SUMMARY <br />The applicant, Sunflower Hill, is proposing to construct an affordable 31 -unit multi -family <br />residential community for individuals with special needs, including an approximately <br />5,000 -square -foot community building with associated site improvements on a vacant <br />1.64 -acre property to be dedicated to the City as part of the Irby Ranch development. <br />PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION <br />On January 24, 2018, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval <br />of the application based on the findings included in the Planning Commission agenda <br />report and subject to the conditions shown in Exhibit A (Attachment 1). Draft meeting <br />minutes have been included in Attachment 4. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1. Make the PUD findings for the proposed development plan as stated in the January <br />24, 2018, Planning Commission agenda report (pages 13-15 in Attachment 3); <br />2. Introduce the draft ordinance approving Case PUD -129, PUD Development Plan, <br />subject to the conditions of approval, Exhibit A (Attachment 1); <br />3. Find that the anticipated environmental impacts of the proposed development are <br />adequately evaluated in the Addendum to the Housing Element and Climate Action <br />Plan General Plan Amendment and Rezonings Supplemental Environmental Impact <br />Report (SEIR) prepared for the previously approved PUD -110 (Attachment 3, Exhibit <br />D) and none of the conditions in CEQA Guidelines Section 15162 calling for <br />preparation of subsequent environmental review have occurred. <br />