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THE CITY OF I0 <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON. <br /> December 5, 2017 <br /> Operations Services <br /> TITLE: APPROVE THIRD AMENDMENT TO THE CONTRACT WITH WEST <br /> COAST ARBORIST, INC. FOR ANNUAL TREE TRIMMING AND <br /> REMOVAL, INVENTORY MANAGEMENT, AND ARBORIST SERVICES <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The recent acceptance of responsibility by the City to prune and/or remove 62 <br /> Eucalyptus trees at the Bonde Ranch has an estimated cost of$184,785. The City <br /> Operations Services Department, Parks Maintenance Division is requesting a one-time <br /> increase of$249,003 to the contract with West Coast Arborists, Inc. (WCA) for fiscal year <br /> ending June 30, 2018 to cover this cost, as well as other un-budgeted year-end tree care <br /> costs. <br /> The current contract's annual not-to-exceed amount is $500,997 is projected to only <br /> cover approximately 11 months of WCA services this fiscal year, leaving a void in tree <br /> care coverage during the twelfth month. To ensure full years of WCA coverage going <br /> forward, the Parks Maintenance Division is also requesting an increase to the two <br /> subsequent years' annual contract amounts to $550,000 to enable a full twelve months <br /> of tree care services for City trees each year going forward. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Authorize the one-time increase to the not-to-exceed amount of the existing WCA <br /> contract for tree trimming and removal, inventory management, and arborist services to <br /> $750,000 for FY 2017/18 and to increase annual contract amount to $550,000 for <br /> subsequent fiscal years (FY 18/19 and FY 19/20). <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The current annual value of the contract for FY 2017/18 is a not-to-exceed amount of <br /> $500,997. The increase to the contract of$49,003, if approved, will be funded through <br /> the FY 2017/18 Parks Renovation Fund. The Operations Services Department will seek <br /> an increase to the Parks Renovation Fund Budget during the FY 2017/18 mid-year <br /> budget to cover the contract increase. <br />