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THE CITY OF <br /> .1. I 1111331 CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTONm <br /> December 5, 2017 <br /> Community Development <br /> Planning Division <br /> TITLE: ACTIONS OF THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR AND PLANNING <br /> COMMISSION <br /> P17-0053, Marianne Boring/Vinculums Services, Inc. <br /> Application for Design Review approval to modify the existing wireless facility for AT&T, <br /> a faux pine tree located at 7315 Johnson Drive, by: (1) removing and replacing existing <br /> faux branches; (2) removing and replacing the existing panel antennas; (3) removing <br /> and replacing existing remote radio units; (4) adding six new remote radio units; and <br /> (5) installing associated equipment. <br /> Approved. (7 days) <br /> P17-0931, Macadiel Ledesma/Sam's Signs <br /> Application for Sign Design Review approval to install one non-illuminated wall-mounted <br /> sign for East Bay Agape Christian Church located at 24 Happy Valley Road. <br /> Approved. (1 day) <br /> P17-0909, Nicole Johnson/Pacific Neon Company <br /> Application for Sign Design Review approval to install one internally-illuminated <br /> wall-mounted sign for INSZOOM located at 5912 Stoneridge Mall Road. <br /> Approved. (2 days) <br /> P17-0913, Bill Gibbons <br /> Application for Administrative Design Review approval to construct an approximately <br /> 458-square-foot, single-story addition to the east side and rear of the existing residence <br /> located at 7017 Corte Blanca. <br /> Approved. (1 day) <br /> Project Information: <br /> Existing floor area: 1,931 square feet <br /> Total floor area with addition: 2,389 square feet <br /> Lot size: 8,586 square feet <br /> Existing floor area ratio: 22.49 percent <br /> Total floor area ratio with addition: 27.82 percent <br />