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Diego Mora <br />From: Jenny Grau <br />Sent: Friday, August 18, 2023 2:19 PM <br />To: Diego Mora <> <br />Subject: PUD 148 / 2207 Martin Ave <br />SUPPLEMEMTAL MATERIAL <br />Provided to the Planning Commission <br />after distribution of agenda packet <br />Date Distributed: 08/23/2023 <br />*** [EXTERNAL) This message comes from an external organization. Exercise caution when opening attachments or clicking links, especially from unknown <br />senders.*** <br />I am an original homeowner in the Walnut Glen Development residing at-Wilde Avenue. I am somewhat familiar <br />with the concerns of the tennis court installation at 2207 Martine Ave. My BIGGEST concern with all that is going on is <br />the desperately needed sidewalk along Newton Way connecting to Dennis Drive that should've gone in when the <br />development was built in 1995/96. Walking on Newton Way is incredibly unsafe due to awkward crossing from Wilde <br />Avenue to Newton Way/Dennis Drive. The sidewalk stops completely and one must cross awkwardly to continue to Mohr <br />School, etc. Before anything is decided with the tennis court, the city should provide safe access to Mohr School, the park <br />and those that are taking leisurely walks in the neighborhood. <br />thank you, <br />Jenny Grau <br />1