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PUD-148, 2207 Martin Ave. Planning Commission <br />2 of 14 <br />Plan and zoning district, and that the partially-constructed sports court would be compliant with <br />the proposed development standards if it is reconstructed in accordance with staff’s <br />recommendations. The application is now before the Planning Commission for consideration. <br />The Planning Commission may recommend approval, approval with conditions, or denial of the <br />application to the City Council. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />The property at 2207 Martin Avenue is located near the north end of Martin Avenue and is part <br />of the Mohr-Martin area, generally defined by Martin Avenue, Mohr Avenue, the former <br />Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way, and Stoneridge Drive. The Mohr-Martin area comprises <br />predominantly residential uses of varying densities and home designs. Many of the properties <br />within the area were originally located in unincorporated Alameda County, but were <br />progressively annexed into the City of Pleasanton during the 1990’s. Thus, many of these <br />properties were subdivided and developed in conformance to planning, zoning, and <br />construction standards of Alameda County. <br /> <br />On April 1, 1997, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1709 for RZ-97-2, which pre-zoned the <br />subject property to the PUD-LDR District, as part of a larger approximately 34.5-acre area, for <br />a maximum density “approaching” 2.0 dwelling units per acre1. The property was annexed into <br />the City of Pleasanton in 1997. <br /> <br />In 2021, the City Council approved PUD-140 and P21-0079 per Ordinance 2223 at 2207 <br />Martin Avenue, which included Minor Subdivision approval to subdivide the approximately <br />1.67-acre parcel into two parcels (A and B). Parcel A, fronting Dennis Drive (no address), <br />measuring approximately 21,794 square feet and Parcel B (2207 Martin Avenue) <br />approximately 48,311 square feet. The application included a Planned Unit Development <br />(PUD) development plan approval to retain the existing residence and related improvements <br />on Parcel B and to construct a two-story residence and related site improvements on Parcel A. <br />Although approved, per the conditions of approval, the PUD development plan would lapse two <br />years from the effective date (November 5, 2021) of the ordinance unless a parcel map is <br />approved. To date, a parcel map has not been approved and will expire on November 5, 2023. <br />The applicant/property owners do not wish to pursue the approved PUD development plan that <br />calls for a subdivision with required site improvements. Rather, the applicant/property owners <br />intend to maintain the property as a single lot with the purpose to construct a tennis court with <br />fencing where the two-story residence would be located under PUD-140. <br /> <br />In July 2022, the City’s Code Enforcement staff received a com plaint about concrete flatwork2 <br />being conducted on the subject parcel to create a sports court. While flatwork such as the sports <br />court does not require a building permit, Code Enforcement staff contacted the <br />applicant/property owners to inquire about the nature of the work taking place and notified them <br />that any additional work, beyond flatwork, such as lighting or fencing for the sports court may <br />require permits and/or planning approval, and to contact the Permit Center for specific <br />information. <br /> <br />In August 2022, the applicant/property owners contacted Planning staff to request development <br />standards for the construction of a tennis court with associated fencing and lighting . Due to the <br /> <br />1 The Agenda Report for this item clarifies the allowable density as “maximum density approaching 2 du/ac (i.e., <br />1.999…du/ac). <br />2 Flatwork includes work such as pouring a concrete slab or patio.