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DSSSSDDSSDSDDRAMPUPFFL+351.26GROUND LEVEL - PARKING STRUCTUREFF=346.40STONERIDGE MALL ROAD <br />STONERIDGE MALL ROADAPN: 941-1201-94-3 <br />APN: 941-1201-095 <br />APN: 941-1201-30-6 <br />EXISTING <br />NORDSTROMS <br />EXISTING <br />MACYS <br />APN: <br />941-1201-92 <br />EXISTING <br />JCPenney <br />EXISTING <br />MACY'S <br />EXISTING STONERIDGE <br />MALL SHOPS <br />EXISTING <br />CHEESECAKE <br />FACTORY EXIS <br />T <br />I <br />N <br />G <br /> <br />P <br />. <br />F <br />. <br />CHA <br />N <br />G <br />S <br />STONERIDGE MALL ROAD <br />EXISTING <br />SIGNALIZED <br />INTERSECTION <br />APN: 941-1201-28 <br />APN: 941-1201-29 <br />APN: 941-1201-94-3 <br />APN: 941-1201-94-3 <br />APN: 941-1201-94-3 <br />EXISTING <br />SIGNALIZED <br />INTERSECTION <br />EXISTING <br />SIGNALIZED <br />INTERSECTION <br />EXISTING <br />SIGNALIZED <br />INTERSECTION <br />EXISTING <br />SIGNALIZED <br />INTERSECTION <br />4637 CHABOT DRIVE, SUITE 300 <br />PLEASANTON, CA 94588 <br />PHONE: 925-398-4840 <br />WWW.KIMLEY-HORN.COM <br />© 2022 KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES, INC. <br />STONERIDGE MALL <br />RESIDENTIAL PROJECT <br />PREPARED FOR <br />SPG CENTER, LLC <br />CALIFORNIACITY OF PLEASANTON <br />SHEET NUMBER <br />DATE <br />10/19/2022 <br />P19-0142 <br />PLANNING <br />APPLICATION NO. <br />® <br />Know what's below. <br /> Call before you dig.NORTHLEGEND <br />GENERAL NOTES <br />MALL LOCATION MAP C0 <br />* SUBSEQUENT TO SEARS REDEVELOPMENT