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PUD-136, Mall Residential Project Planning Commission <br />2 of 34 <br /> <br /> <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends the Planning Commission: <br />1. Find the previously prepared Addendum to the Supplemental Environmental Impact <br />Report (SEIR) for the City of Pleasanton Housing Element and Climate Action Plan <br />General Plan Amendment and Rezoning SEIR, including the adopted CEQA Findings <br />and Statement of Overriding Considerations, are adequate to serve as the <br />environmental documentation for this project and satisfy all the requirements of CEQA; <br />as the conditions described in CEQA Guidelines Sections 15183/15164 that would <br />require a supplement to the SEIR have not occurred; and adopt a resolution <br />recommending adoption of the Draft Section 15183 Checklist/15164 Addendum to the <br />Supplemental Environmental Impact Reports for the City of Pleasanton Housing <br />Element and Climate Action Plan General Plan Amendment and Rezonings. <br />2. Find the proposed PUD Development Plan for PUD-136 is consistent with the General <br />Plan and PUD Zoning. <br />3. Find the exceptions to the Housing Site Development Standards and Design Guidelines <br />allowed by State Density Bonus Law as listed in the staff report are appropriate. <br />4. Adopt a resolution making the PUD findings and recommending approval of Case <br />Number PUD-136, subject to the draft conditions of approval listed in Exhibit A. Forward <br />the 15183 Checklist / 15164 Addendum and Case Number PUD-136 to the City Council <br />for consideration. <br /> <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />The subject application proposes a PUD Development Plan to construct 360 multi-family <br />apartment units (including a Density Bonus) and related site improvements including a new <br />parking structure on an approximately six-acre site. A PUD Development Plan is consistent <br />with the project site’s Mixed Use General Plan designation, which allows for multi-family <br />residential development at a maximum density of 40 residential units per acre, plus Density <br />Bonus, and consistency with the project site’s PUD-MU zoning classification, which requires <br />conformance with the adopted 2012 Housing Site Development Standards and Design <br />Guidelines. The application was previously reviewed by the Planning Commission as a work <br />session item on March 11, 2020. The application presented herein has been revised to reflect <br />the comments received at the work session. The environmental review and PUD Development <br />Plan portion of the application is now before the Planning Commission for a recommendation <br />to the City Council for consideration. Separately, the Affordable Housing Agreement (AHA) for <br />the project was recommended for approval by the Housing Commission on November 17, <br />2022, to be forwarded to the City Council for review (the Planning Commission is not required <br />or requested to take action on the AHA.) <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />The Stoneridge Mall <br />The Stoneridge Mall Regional Shopping Center (Stoneridge Mall) is part of the overall <br />mixed-use retail/office/hotel development located in the northwest area of Pleasanton defined <br />by I-580, I-680, Stoneridge Drive, and Foothill Road. The area within the inner loop of <br />Stoneridge Mall Road is approximately 75 acres, as shown in Figure 1. The central mall <br />building, containing a variety of restaurants, shops, and services, is owned by Simon Property <br />Group and is located on an approximately 29-acre property that also contains the project site, <br />located within one of several fields of surface parking that surround the mall. Attached to and