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RESOLUTION NO. <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PLEASANTON ADOPTING <br />A GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT TO UPDATE THE HOUSING ELEMENT FOR THE <br />PERIOD OF 2023-2031 (6TH CYCLE) AFFIRMATIVELY FURTHERING FAIR HOUSING <br />IN COMPLIANCE WITH STATE HOUSING ELEMENT LAW <br />WHEREAS, State Housing Element Law (California Government Code Sections 65580, <br />et seq.) requires that the City Council adopt a Housing Element for the eight-year period 2023- <br />2031 to accommodate the City’s regional housing need allocation (RHNA) of 5,965 housing units, <br />comprised of 1,750 very-low income units, 1,008 low-income units, 894 moderate-income units, <br />and 2,313 above moderate-income units; and <br />WHEREAS, to comply with State Housing Element Law, the City has prepared a Housing <br />Element Update 2023-2031 (the Housing Element); and <br />WHEREAS, as provided in Government Code Section 65350 et. seq., the Housing <br />Element constitutes a General Plan Amendment; and <br />WHEREAS, the City has prepared the Housing Element in accordance with State Housing <br />Element Law; and <br />WHEREAS, Government Code Section 65583 requires that the Housing Element Update <br />contain: (i) an assessment of the City’s housing needs and an analysis of the resources and <br />constraints, both governmental and non-governmental, relevant to the meeting of these needs; <br />(ii) an inventory of land suitable and available for residential development and an analysis of the <br />development potential of such sites; (iii) a statement of the community's goals, quantified <br />objectives, and policies relative to the maintenance, preservation, improvement, and development <br />of housing; and (iv) programs that set forth a schedule of actions the local government is <br />undertaking or intends to undertake to implement the policies and achieve the goals and <br />objectives of the Housing Element Update; and <br />WHEREAS, State law requires that the City take meaningful steps to promote and <br />affirmatively further fair housing (Gov. Code Section 65583(c)(5)); and <br />WHEREAS, State law requires that the City make zoning available for all types of housing, <br />including multifamily housing (Gov. Code Sections 65583.2 and 65583(c)); and <br />WHEREAS, the Housing Element must be adopted to comply with State law, <br />accommodate the RHNA, affirmatively further fair housing, and facilitate and encourage a variety <br />of housing types for all income levels, including multifamily housing (Gov. Code Sections 65583.2 <br />and 65583(c)); and <br />WHEREAS, the preparation, adoption, and implementation of the Housing Element <br />requires a diligent effort to include all economic segments of the community; and <br />WHEREAS, the City has conducted extensive community outreach over the last 20 months <br />including over 40 public workshops, outreach events, focus groups, and hearings before the <br />Housing Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council; and <br />ATTACHMENT 2