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Resolution No. 22-1329 <br /> Page 3 <br /> (C) The filing officer is the same for both agencies. <br /> Such persons are covered by this code for disqualification purposes only. With <br /> respect to all other designated employees, the disclosure categories set forth in the <br /> Appendix specify which kinds of economic interests are reportable. Such a <br /> designated employee shall disclose in the employee's statement of economic <br /> interests those economic interests the employee has which are of the kind described <br /> in the disclosure categories to which the employee is assigned in the Appendix. It <br /> has been determined that the economic interests set forth in a designated employee's <br /> disclosure categories are the kinds of economic interests which the employee <br /> foreseeably can affect materially through the conduct of the employee's office. <br /> (4) Section 4. Statements of Economic Interests: Place of Filing. <br /> The code reviewing body shall instruct all designated employees within its code to <br /> file statements of economic interests with the agency or with the code reviewing body, <br /> as provided by the code reviewing body in the agency's conflict of interest code.2 <br /> (5) Section 5. Statements of Economic Interests: Time of Filing. <br /> (A) Initial Statements. All designated employees employed by the agency on the <br /> effective date of this code, as originally adopted, promulgated and approved by <br /> the code reviewing body, shall file statements within 30 days after the effective <br /> date of this code. Thereafter, each person already in a position when it is <br /> designated by an amendment to this code shall file an initial statement within 30 <br /> days after the effective date of the amendment. <br /> (B) Assuming Office Statements. All persons assuming designated positions after <br /> the effective date of this code shall file statements within 30 days after assuming <br /> the designated positions, or if subject to State Senate confirmation, 30 days after <br /> being nominated or appointed. <br /> (C) Annual Statements. All designated employees shall file statements no later <br /> than April 1. If a person reports for military service as defined in the <br /> Servicemember's Civil Relief Act,the deadline for the annual statement of <br /> economic interests is 30 days following the person's return to office, provided the <br /> person, or someone authorized to represent the person's interests, notifies the <br /> filing officer in writing prior to the applicable filing deadline that the person is <br /> subject to that federal statute and is unable to meet the applicable deadline, and <br /> provides the filing officer verification of the person's military status. <br /> (D) Leaving Office Statements. All persons who leave designated positions shall <br /> file statements within 30 days after leaving office. <br /> (5.5) Section 5.5. Statements for Persons Who Resign Prior to Assuming Office. <br /> Any person who resigns within 12 months of initial appointment, or within 30 days <br /> of the date of notice provided by the filing officer to file an assuming office statement, <br /> is not deemed to have assumed office or left office, provided the person did not make <br /> or participate in the making of, or use the person's position to influence any decision <br /> and did not receive or become entitled to receive any form of payment as a result of the <br /> person's appointment. Such persons shall not file either an assuming or leaving office <br /> statement. <br />