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P21-0578 and P21-0579, Jenny Hopkins <br /> Application for Administrative Design Review approval and a Variance to construct 1) an <br /> approximately 542-square-foot single-story addition to the rear of an existing historic <br /> residence, and 2) a new approximately 1,080-square-foot two-story accessory structure <br /> with a garage and home office located at 4482 Pleasanton Avenue. <br /> Approved. (34 days) <br /> Project Information: <br /> Existing floor area: 839 square feet <br /> Total floor area with addition: 1,921 square feet <br /> Lot size: 9,045 square feet <br /> Existing floor area ratio: 9.28 percent <br /> Total floor area ratio with addition: 21.24 percent <br /> Planning Commission, November 10, 2021 <br /> Commissioners Present: Nancy Allen, Justin Brown, Ken Morgan, Jeff Nibert, and <br /> Brandon Pace <br /> Commissioners Absent: Matt Gaidos <br /> PX17-0904, Stoneridge Properties, LLC (Simon Property Group), 1008-1700 <br /> Stoneridge Mall Road <br /> Application to amend and extend the Stoneridge Shopping Center Development <br /> Agreement (DA), governing an approximately 362,790-square-foot shopping center <br /> expansion, for one year. Zoning is CR(M) — (Regional Commercial — Mall) and PUD—MU <br /> (Planned Unit Development— Mixed Use) District. <br /> Action Recommended: Recommend Approval <br /> Action taken: Approval recommended, per staff recommendation <br /> Vote: 5-0 <br /> P21-0751, 2023-2031 (6th Cycle) Housing Element Update <br /> Review a list of potential sites under consideration for future rezoning for residential <br /> development and inclusion in the environmental analysis as part of the Sites Inventory for <br /> the 2023-2031 (6th Cycle) Housing Element Update <br /> Planning Commission reviewed and provided feedback related to the Sites <br /> Inventory for consideration in the 6th Cycle (2023-2031) Housing Element Update. <br /> (Planning Commission will consider recommendations to City Council on <br /> December 15, 2021). <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />