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THE CITY OF 2 <br />0lowl.,"' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />PLEASANTON. <br />October 19, 2021 <br />City Manager <br />TITLE: CONSIDER INTRODUCTION AND WAIVE FIRST READING OF AN <br />ORDINANCE TO ADD A NEW CHAPTER 9.23 ORGANICS REDUCTION <br />AND RECYCLING TO THE MUNICIPAL CODE, ADOPT BY REFERENCE <br />THE ALAMEDA COUNTY WASTE MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY'S <br />ORGANICS REDUCTION AND RECYCLING ORDINANCE 2021-02 WITH <br />LOCAL AMENDMENTS, AND ADOPT CONFORMING AMENDMENTS TO <br />MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTERS 9.20 AND 9.22 AND SECTIONS 20.26.020, <br />20.26.050 AND 20.26.070 <br />SUMMARY <br />The Short -Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Act of 2016 (SB 1383) is a state mandate <br />requiring diversion of 75 percent of organic waste from landfills and recovery of 20 <br />percent of edible food statewide by 2025. In July, the Council adopted the SB1383 <br />Action Plan to implement these requirements. This includes adopting an ordinance for <br />compliance by organic waste generators, haulers, and other entities. <br />To create countywide consistency with this state mandate, the Alameda County Waste <br />Management Authority ("WMA" or "StopWaste") adopted the Organics Reduction and <br />Recycling Ordinance ("ORRO" or "WMA Ordinance 2021-02") to serve as the <br />enforcement mechanism. The ORRO will fulfil the City's requirements under SB 1383. <br />If the Council opts to participate in the ORRO, WMA will work on behalf of the City to <br />meet several requirements of SB 1383, and WMA will use its existing resources. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />The City Council Subcommittee on Waste and Recycling (Brown/Testa) and City Staff <br />recommends that the City Council: <br />Adopt by reference WMA's ORRO to comply with SB 1383, and approve the <br />conforming amendments to the municipal code. <br />2. Delegate authority to WMA and the Alameda County Department of <br />Environmental Health (ACDEH) in the areas of outreach and education, <br />compliance monitoring, and enforcement as it relates to the following <br />entities: Commercial and Multi -Family Generators, Haulers, Self -haulers, Food <br />Recovery Organizations and Services, and Edible Food Generators. <br />3. Authorize the delegation of authority to designees of the City in the areas of <br />outreach and education, compliance monitoring, and enforcement. (For <br />