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BACKGROUND <br /> SB-1 was passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor in April 2017, <br /> in order to address the significant multi-modal transportation funding shortfalls <br /> statewide. <br /> The City must pass a resolution annually that includes a list of ail projects proposed to <br /> be funded from the RMRA. The list must include a description and the location of each <br /> proposed project, a proposed schedule for the project's completion and an estimate of <br /> the useful life of the improvements. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The City programmed SB-1 funding into the FY 2021/22 Streets CIP under the Annual <br /> Resurfacing and Reconstruction of Various Streets Project, CIP No. 22503. The project <br /> will resurface approximately one million square feet of pavement throughout the City <br /> during the summer of 2022. The streets that will be resurfaced using SB-1 funds are <br /> listed below: <br /> 1. Stoneridge Mall Drive <br /> 2. Laurel Creek Way <br /> 3. McWilliams Place <br /> 4. Owens Drive — Jonson Drive to Hopyard Road <br /> 5. Johnson Court <br /> 6. Commerce Drive — Johnson Drive to Commerce Circle <br /> 7. Commerce Circle <br /> 8. Addison Way — Inglewood Drive to Alvoro Way <br /> 9. Chapman Way — Homer Way to Inglewood Drive <br /> 10. Pecan Court <br /> 11. Elmwood Circle <br /> 12. Ginger Court <br /> 13. Laurel Court <br /> 14. Fernwood Court <br /> 15. Arrowwood Court <br /> 16. Aster Court <br /> 17. Prairie Drive <br /> 18. Marsh Hawk Court <br /> 19. Sorrel Downs Court <br /> 20. Foothill Hills Knolls Drive <br /> 21. West Las Positas Boulevard — Foothill Road to 1-680 overcrossing. <br /> The project will be completed by the fall of 2022. The resurfacing treatments will extend <br /> the useful life of the treated roadway by an additional 10 to 15 years. <br /> The streets to be resurfaced were identified by the City's Pavement Management <br /> System (PMS) program as is required by SB-1 as a condition of receiving funds. The <br /> PMS breaks the City street system into approximately 1,300 segments. Each segment <br /> is evaluated and condition-rated as part of a bi-annual inspection system. The street <br /> maintenance projects are then developed as a combination of street reconstruction, <br /> such as repaving, and street maintenance, such as slurry sealing. The PMS is designed <br /> to reconstruct some streets that have or are near failure, as well as apply preventative <br /> maintenance to some streets to keep them in relatively good condition. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />