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BACKGROUND <br /> The General Plan Circulation Element identifies the intersection of Bernal and Nevada <br /> as a future signalized intersection along with the extension of Nevada Street from <br /> Bernal Avenue to First Street. The extension of Nevada Street is a critical element of <br /> the Circulation Element that alleviates traffic at the First Street at Vineyard Avenue/Ray <br /> Street intersection as well as the Stanley Boulevard at Valley/Bernal Avenue <br /> intersection by providing an additional access path to and from First Street for the <br /> residents and businesses in eastern Pleasanton. <br /> The design of the Bernal Avenue at Nevada Street traffic signal is a full eight-phase <br /> traffic signal with left turn arrows for all four approaches. Due to the proximity of the <br /> intersection to the Bernal Bridge over the Arroyo Del Valle, the median on the south <br /> side of the intersection will be modified to allow for additional storage capacity by means <br /> of a second left turn lane. This location is anticipated to have numerous crossings by <br /> pedestrians and bicyclists from the Arroyo Del Valle Creek Trail. This project will modify <br /> the corners of the intersection to reduce the crossing distances for pedestrians and <br /> bicyclists. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Construction Bids <br /> The City advertised the project in March of 2021. Seven bids were received and opened <br /> on March 21, 2021. The bids ranged from $695,825 to $891,825. The Engineer's <br /> Estimate for this project was $725,000. Staff has reviewed the low bidder's list of <br /> references and is satisfied with this review. Therefore, staff recommends award of the <br /> construction contract to the low bidder, Ray's Electric, in the amount of $695,825. <br /> Schedule <br /> The majority of the work will occur in the summer of 2021, but delivery of traffic signal <br /> poles can take 4-6 months, which will extend the project completion into the fall of 2021. <br /> S.0 itte by: Fiscal Review: Approved by: <br /> Ellen Clark Tina Olson Nelson Fialho <br /> Director of Director of Finance City Manager <br /> Community Development <br /> Attachments: <br /> 1. Bid Summary Sheet <br /> 2. Plan Set <br /> Page 2 <br />