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BACKGROUND <br /> The Professional Services Agreement with HF&H Consultants, LLC was entered into on <br /> June 1, 2019 for Solid Waste System Technical Assistance not to exceed $100,000 <br /> over the period of 24 months. The First Amendment to the agreement will increase the <br /> contract by $30,000 for a total amount not to exceed $130,000. Additional funds are <br /> needed for the current Fiscal Year 2020-21 to assist with the planning required for the <br /> implementation of SB 1383. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> HF&H Consultants, LLC assists City staff with a variety of ongoing tasks to manage the <br /> Franchise Agreement with Pleasanton Garbage Service as well as other related Waste <br /> and Recycling projects. This year, work began on developing a plan to implement State <br /> Law SB 1383 (Lara) which seeks to reduce emission of short-lived climate pollutants. <br /> The planning effort has required significant time and resources and will continue <br /> through this fiscal year and into the next in preparation for the law going in to effect in <br /> January 2022 and thus requires additional funding to continue these planning efforts. <br /> The First Amendment seeks to increase the Agreement compensation amount by <br /> $30,000 from not to exceed $100,000 to $130,000 for the current Fiscal Year 2020-21. <br /> It is anticipated that an additional amendment will be required for Fiscal Year 2021-22 <br /> as the scope of work for the upcoming year is finalized and will be brought forward to <br /> the City Council at a later date. <br /> Submitted by: Fiscal Review: Approve by: <br /> Becky Hopkins Tina Olson Nelson Fialho <br /> Assistant to the City Manager Director of Finance City Manager <br /> Attachment: <br /> 1 . First Amendment to Professional Services Agreement with HF&H, LLC in the <br /> amount not to exceed $130,000. <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br />