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BACKGROUND <br />The Chabad's conditional use permit (Case No. P16-0288) for the operations of a religious <br />assembly and an on-site childcare/preschool and design review (Case No. P16-1883) for the <br />construction of an outdoor playground area for the daycare/preschool, outdoor terrace areas <br />for Chabad, and associated on-site landscape and improvements, were approved by the <br />Planning Commission in June 2018. The Planning Commission decision was appealed to the <br />City Council and subsequently approved by the City Council in April 2019. The conditions of <br />approval included a list of items the Chabad must comply with prior to beginning their <br />operations, especially for the operation of the daycare/preschool facility. The approved design <br />did not include exterior modifications to the existing building, and although some design <br />parameters for the playground and outdoor terraces, including approximate size, location, and <br />fencing requirements were established during the review of the conditional use permit, these <br />elements had not been developed at a detailed level of design. <br />In August 2019, a fire occurred at Chabad's building, and although no significant structural <br />damages were caused by the fire, the rear section of the mansard roof was damaged. City <br />staff, Chabad representatives, and the Chabad's design team have met several times to <br />discuss interior renovations and exterior building modifications proposed by Chabad after the <br />fire, which would differ from the previously approved design review. The proposals included a <br />significant exterior renovation/remodel of the building's exterior, including new fagade <br />treatments, entry element, new windows/doors. <br />In review of the proposed on-site improvements associated with the playground area, outdoor <br />terraces, and on-site landscaping, staff found the locations and dimensions of the playground <br />and outdoor terraces to be in substantial conformance to the layout review and approved by <br />the City Council in April 2019. The current proposal provides design details for those elements, <br />also described in more detail in the Analysis section of this report. <br />In review of the proposed exterior building modifications, staff found the proposed <br />modifications would give the existing building an updated and modernized appearance that <br />differs substantially from the existing fagade. As such, the Zoning Administrator has <br />determined to refer the design review application to the Planning Commission for <br />consideration, as the proposed project represents a significant design change/divergence from <br />the existing building design. <br />No changes to the use or functions proposed and approved as part of the Conditional Use <br />Permit for the religious facility or preschool are proposed by Chabad or would result from the <br />proposed site and building modifications. <br />SITE AND AREA DESCRIPTION <br />The subject site (see Figure 1) is an approximately one -acre parcel located on the west side of <br />Hopyard Road, north of South Valley Trails Drive. Properties adjacent to the project site <br />include residential uses to the north; St. Clare's Episcopal Church (St. Clare's) and residential <br />uses to the west and southwest; Harvest Valley Christian Church and residential uses to the <br />south; and Zone 7 Water Agency offices and the Ken Mercer Sports Park to the east and <br />southeast (across Hopyard Road). <br />The project site contains an approximately 8,000 -square -foot, one-story building; a landscaped <br />area and a concrete patio area to the north of the building; and vacant land with perimeter <br />P21-0136, 3370 Hopyard Road Planning Commission <br />2 of 9 <br />