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10 <br />1HE CITY OF <br />L��S�NTON CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />PSeptember 1, 2020 <br />Operations Services <br />TITLE: RECEIVE A PRESENTATION ON CITY'S WORK PLAN TO ADDRESS <br />PER- AND POLYFLUOROALKYL SUBSTANCES (PFAS) AND <br />APPROVE AN AGREEMENT WITH CAROLLO ENGINEERS IN THE <br />AMOUNT OF $437,374 TO PREPARE A BASIS OF DESIGN REPORT <br />FOR THE PFAS TREATMENT AND WELLS 5, 6, AND 8 <br />REHABILITATION PROJECT <br />SUMMARY <br />Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)are a large group of non-regulated <br />substances used in products such as carpets, clothing, fabrics, paper packaging for <br />food, non-stick cookware, and fire -retarding foam that resist heat, oil, stains, and water. <br />Although not regulated, the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) Division of <br />Drinking Water (DDW) has established advisory levels due to health concerns. City staff <br />has developed a work plan to address PFAS and has completed the initial phase <br />activities. These activities have determined that a project to self -implement PFAS <br />treatment at City wells is feasible and the next phase is to complete a basis of design <br />report'. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1. Receive a presentation that provides a status update on PFAS including an overview <br />of the City's work plan and findingsfrom initial efforts. <br />2. Confirm supportfor the work plan including staff's recommended nextsteps as <br />detailed in the Conclusion section of this report. <br />3. Approve an Agreement with Carollo Engineers in the amount of $437,374 to prepare <br />a basis of design report for PFAS Treatment and Wells 5, 6, and 8 Rehabilitation <br />Project. <br />4. Establish CIP 21166 — PFAS Treatment and Wells 5, 6, and 8 Rehabilitation Project. <br />Allocate $70,000 from CIP 17100 — Water Quality Evaluation Project and $400,000 <br />from Fund 421 Water Replacement Capital Improvement Program to CIP 21166 to <br />fu nd the basis of design phase. <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT <br />The anticipated total expenditures forthe basis of design phase of the project is <br />$470,000. Staff recommends City Council allocate $70,000 from CIP 17100 —Water <br />Quality Evaluation Project and $400,000 from Fund 421 Water Replacement Capital <br />Improvement Program to CIP 21166 to fund the basis of design phase. Upon <br />' A basis of design report defines the project scope, anticipated cost and schedule, design parameters and technical <br />requirements that will serve as the basis of detailed design. <br />