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THE CITY OF <br /> 7 <br /> "� "' ••'••� "' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON, <br /> February 18, 2020 <br /> Engineering <br /> TITLE: APPROVE RESOLUTIONS INITIATING THE FORMATION OF TWO <br /> REPLACEMENT LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENT <br /> DISTRICTS: WINDSOR LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE DISTRICT 2020-1 <br /> AND BONDE RANCH LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE DISTRICT 2020-2 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Windsor Landscape Maintenance District 1993-1 and Bonde Ranch Landscape <br /> Maintenance District 1993-2 were both created in 1993. These Landscape Maintenance <br /> Districts (LMD) were created in accordance with the Landscaping and Lighting Act of <br /> 1972 which authorizes local agencies to impose an annual assessment on real property <br /> in order to pay for the maintenance of landscaping and lighting special improvements <br /> constructed as part of the housing development projects, and are of specific benefit to <br /> the assessed properties. The LMDs were each created to maintain (and eventually <br /> replace) the areas and improvements of special benefit to the property owners in the <br /> subdivision developments. However, the assessment amounts levied against property <br /> owners within these two special districts has remained unchanged. Consequently, the <br /> level of service has decreased, and the reserve budgets have been depleted. <br /> Staff recommends the formation of two new LMDs to replace the existing Windsor and <br /> Bonde Ranch districts. The newly created LMDs will establish assessments to fund a <br /> sustainable landscape maintenance program based on the property owners' input, with <br /> a dedicated funding source for capital replacements. However, in accordance with <br /> Proposition 218 requirements, the formation of the replacement districts requires a <br /> majority vote of district property owners. This vote should occur on June 16, 2020. <br /> Should the vote fail in one or both districts, the existing 1993 district will remain in place. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Adopt resolutions that initiate proceedings for the formation of Windsor Landscape <br /> Maintenance District 2020-1 and Bonde Ranch Landscape Maintenance District 2020-2 <br /> to replace the existing Windsor Landscape Maintenance District 1993-1 and Bonde <br /> Ranch Landscape Maintenance District 1993-2, respectively. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The consultant cost to assist with the creation of the two new replacement districts, <br /> including reimbursables for actual balloting costs, is $56,400. These funds have been <br /> budgeted in the Engineering Department's professional services budget. The intent is to <br /> raise revenues for LMD maintenance based on public outreach and a future vote. <br />