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DISCUSSION <br /> There are 107 segments of roadway in Pleasanton that are required to have valid <br /> Engineering and Traffic Surveys completed. Of those recently reviewed, one is <br /> recommended for an increase in speed limit and one segment, without a current posted <br /> limit, will have a speed limit established. <br /> Stoneridge Drive between Kamp Drive and Trevor Parkway <br /> Currently, Stoneridge Drive has a 35 MPH posted speed limit between Kamp Drive and <br /> Trevor Parkway. The critical speed and roadway conditions do not allow for a 35 MPH <br /> speed limit. Our Police Department is unable to enforce the current speed limit by radar <br /> as it is a speed trap under the California Vehicle Code. The change to 40 MPH is <br /> necessary for speeding citations that are issued in that area to be upheld in court. <br /> This section of Stoneridge Drive consists of four lanes divided by a raised concrete <br /> median. Parking is not permitted on either side of the roadway but there are bike lanes <br /> available for emergency parking. The alignment of this roadway is level with a slight <br /> horizontal curve at the midpoint of the segment. The critical speed was measured at 44 <br /> MPH. The recommended speed limit is 40 mph. While the critical speed suggests a <br /> posted limit of 45 MPH, the California Vehicle Code 21400(B) allows the posted limit to <br /> be down to 40 MPH, but prohibits the local authority from reducing the speed limit any <br /> further for any reason. The recommended speed limit is 40 MPH. <br /> El Charro Road <br /> El Charro Road does not currently have a formal speed limit. The segment consists of <br /> four divided lanes north of the 1-580 eastbound off-ramp, eight divided lanes (five <br /> southbound and three northbound) between the eastbound off-ramp and Stoneridge <br /> Drive, and two divided lanes south of Stoneridge Drive. Parking is prohibited on both <br /> sides of the roadway. There is a slight horizontal curve both north of the 1-580 <br /> eastbound off-ramp and south of the 1-580 westbound ramp. There are also vertical <br /> curves that lead to the top of the 1-580 overpass. The critical speed was measured at 41 <br /> MPH. The recommended speed limit is 40 MPH. The critical speed supports this <br /> recommendation. <br /> Table 1 <br /> City of Pleasanton Engineering and Traffic Surveys Segment with Proposed <br /> Speed Limit Change <br /> Existing Proposed Survey <br /> Speed Speed Critical <br /> Street From To Limit Limit Speed <br /> Stoneridge Drive Kamp Drive Trevor Parkway 35 40 44 <br /> El Charro Road northern city limits 1,000 feet south of Stoneridge Drive - 40 41 <br /> Page 3 of 4 <br />