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BACKGROUND <br /> This item is placed on the agenda in accordance with City Council Rules and Operating <br /> Procedures, Section IX, which stipulates that in December of each year, the Mayor shall <br /> appoint representatives to serve on Council subcommittees and on regional boards and <br /> commissions for the coming calendar year. At the same meeting, the Council selects <br /> one of its members to serve as the Vice Mayor for the coming year. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The City of Pleasanton is represented by its elected officials on numerous regional <br /> organizations having jurisdiction over policy matters affecting the City. In addition, <br /> Councilmembers serve on a variety of Council Subcommittees for the purpose of <br /> advising the full Council on other policy matters. <br /> The Council is asked to ratify the Mayor's appointments, and to approve the <br /> appointment of a Vice Mayor for 2020. <br /> S itted by: <br /> J ry Thorne <br /> Mayor <br /> Attachment: <br /> 1. Assignments for 2020 <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br />