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BACKGROUND <br /> State Assembly Bill 3229 signed by the governor on July 12, 1996 added section 30061 <br /> of the Government Code establishing a statewide fund for allocation to local police <br /> agencies, referred to as the Citizens' Options for Public Safety Program. As required by <br /> the bill, the County of Alameda has established a Supplemental Law Enforcement <br /> Services Fund and has established a committee to oversee and review the annual <br /> expenditures by local agencies from this fund. The funds are allocated to our City based <br /> on population. For COPS Year 23, the City of Pleasanton has received an allocation of <br /> $109,991. <br /> Recommended Expenditures: <br /> The Police Department recommends expenditures for COPS Year 23 be encumbered for <br /> expenditures which support front line law enforcement functions and serve to enhance <br /> public safety. This allocation will be utilized to purchase an electronic documentation <br /> system to support officers' issuance of citations in the field and facilitate the required AB <br /> 953 Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) data collection. <br /> The sum total of COPS Year 23 funding is approximately $464,499 which includes a roll- <br /> over sum from COPS Year 22 of $354,508 and new funding of $109,991. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Submitted by: Fiscal Review: Informati.n Technology Review: Approved by: <br /> 4 <br /> Craig Eicher Tina Olson Aller H. mond Nelson Fialho <br /> Police Chief Director of Finance D. ec or o Information Technology City Manager <br /> Attachment: <br /> 1. Resolution <br />