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Operations Services <br /> 8. Approved the purchase from American Truck & Trailer Body Co., for a leak response vehicle in <br /> the amount of$318,612.95 for emergency water service and water main repairs <br /> 9. Approved the purchase of a closed circuit television truck from Jack Doheny Companies in the <br /> amount of$424,613.79 for video inspection of sewage and storm drainpipes <br /> 10. Approved and authorized the City Manager to execute amendment to agreement with Rubicon <br /> Enterprises Inc., increasing the not to exceed amount from the $99,999 to $105,000 for increased <br /> frequency of trash collection services at Cubby's Dog Park <br /> Mayor Thorne opened and closed public comments on the Consent Calendar. <br /> MOTION: It was m/s by Narum/Pentin to approve the Consent Calendar as submitted. Motion <br /> passed by the following vote: <br /> Ayes: Councilmembers Brown, Narum, Pentin, Testa, Mayor Thorne <br /> Noes: None <br /> Absent: None <br /> MEETING OPEN TO THE PUBLIC <br /> 11. Recognition of outgoing Commission and Committee Members <br /> Mayor Thorne recognized the service of outgoing Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Committee <br /> member Richard Duffy; Human Services Commissioners Rajesh Parekh, Rosalind Wright, Kavya <br /> Subramaniam; Library Commissioner Sean Lehman; Youth Commissioner Kate Inman; <br /> Committee on Energy and the Environment member Gokul Deep, and presented those in <br /> attendance with a Certificate of Appreciation. <br /> 12. New Commission and Committee Members Oaths of Office <br /> Mayor Thorne introduced reappointed Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Committee members Todd <br /> Nelson, Sharon Piekarski; Economic Vitality Committee member Steve Baker; Human Services <br /> Commissioner Joe Carlucci; Library Commissioner Cindi Sabatini; Parks and Recreation <br /> Commissioner Joanie Fields; Youth Commissioners Nishant Jain, Arushi Avach; and new <br /> Committee on Energy and the Environment members Bruce Daggy, Robert Gan; Housing <br /> Commissioner Kate Duggan; Human Services Commissioners Harshkumar Gohil, Patty Powers, <br /> Kelsey Lem; Planning Commissioner Brandon Pace; and Youth Commissioners Ashwin Srivam, <br /> Zaynah Shah. City Clerk Karen Diaz administered the oath of office. <br /> 13. Public Comment <br /> Louise McGeown spoke about the crosswalk on Valley Avenue; noted observing drivers ignoring <br /> traffic lights and driving dangerously; shared results of a traffic survey regarding the matter and <br /> requested the City consider adding a traffic light at Northway to increase pedestrian safety. <br /> Mayor Thorne asked staff to follow up with Mrs. McGeown. <br /> Councilmember Testa commented on the impacts of increased enrollment in schools and no <br /> buses transportation and agreed it presents a challenge in terms of transportation and pedestrian <br /> safety. <br /> City Council Minutes Page 2 of 12 May 7, 2019 <br />