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BACKGROUND <br /> In July 2008 the City Council established the Committee on Energy and the <br /> Environment (the Committee) to advise on energy and environmental issues <br /> strategies, program development, and opportunities for energy and water conservation. <br /> Duties of the Committee include supporting the City's General Plan, Climate Action <br /> Plan, and City Council priorities as they relate to energy and the environment. This <br /> includes developing measurable strategies, assisting with outreach events, and <br /> providing input on proposed programs and ordinances related to prudent use of natural <br /> resources. <br /> On March 17, 2015 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 15-736 extending the <br /> term of the Committee to April 30, 2016, which also included extending the <br /> Committee members' term for an additional twelve months. <br /> Subsequently, on February 16, 2016 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 16-829 <br /> to extend the term of the Committee and its members to April 30, 2017. <br /> On February 7, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 17-912 to extend the <br /> term of the Committee on Energy and the Environment to June 30, 2019. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Resolution No. 08-234, which originally established the Committee, provides that the <br /> City Council may extend the term of the Committee beyond its initial two years, <br /> including any extensions, subject to an assessment of needs and responsibilities. <br /> Based on the level of support and involvement the City has received from the <br /> Committee, the City Council prioritized extending the Committee and its <br /> members term an additional two years as part of its two-year priority setting <br /> process to coincide with the Council's recently adopted two-year Work Plan. The <br /> additional period of time, will allow the Committee to focus on the following Council <br /> priorities: <br /> 1. Assess the operations of the East Bay Community Energy to inform Council of <br /> joining the Community Choice Aggregation Program; <br /> 2. Evaluate and implement Governor Gerry Brown's Executive Order B-37-16, <br /> Making Water Conservation a Way of Life; <br /> 3. Participate with regional agencies on studies of water supply alternatives, <br /> including potable reuse; and <br /> 4. Prepare and implement Climate Action Plan 2.0. <br /> To date, the Committee has focused on the development and implementation of Climate <br /> Action Plan 1.0, ordinances regarding single use plastic bags and foam containers, <br /> commercial and residential energy programs including the expansion of the Property <br /> Assessed Clean Energy financing program, diesel fleet fuel switch, public outreach and <br /> education, drought and water conservation strategies and the Automated Metering <br /> Infrastructure (AMI) project. <br />