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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> ' Agenda Report <br /> PINfti,1111111111111:iliaitai.....1--- <br /> 111nix <br /> LEASANTON© March 13,tem 01a . <br /> SUBJECT: P18-0314 <br /> APELLANT: Joshua Brysk <br /> APPLICANT: Rocio Arango <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: Greg and Erin Haubner <br /> PURPOSE: Appeal of the Zoning Administrator's approval of a Conditional Use <br /> Permit to operate a large family day care home with a maximum of <br /> 14 children at the existing residence <br /> LOCATION: 3149 Chardonnay Drive <br /> GENERAL PLAN: Medium Density Residential <br /> ZONING: R-1-6,500 (One-Family Residential) District <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Appeal from Joshua Brysk dated "February 15, 2019" <br /> C. Proposed Large Family Daycare Home Plans and Written <br /> Narrative dated "November 8, 2018" <br /> D. Zoning Administrator Approval Letter dated <br /> "February 1, 2019" <br /> E. January 31, 2019, Zoning Administrator Hearing Agenda <br /> Report, Meeting Minutes, and Comments Received Prior to <br /> the Zoning Administrator Hearing <br /> F. Location and Notification Map <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Planning Commission deny the appeal, thereby upholding the Zoning <br /> Administrator's approval of Case P18-0314, subject to the Conditions of Approval listed in <br /> Exhibit A. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The applicant, Ms. Rocio Arango, currently operates a small family daycare home at her <br /> residence located at 3149 Chardonnay Drive. In October 2018, Ms. Arango applied for a <br /> Conditional Use Permit to expand the existing small family daycare home to a large family <br /> daycare home. The proposed large family daycare home would have a maximum of 14 <br /> children. Notices of the proposed large family daycare home were sent to residents within a <br /> 100-foot radius of the project location. A request for a hearing was made and on <br />ceptable to the <br /> Landscape Architecture Division) outside of the existing tree drip lines. The location of the tree <br /> protection fencing shall be shown on the demolition plans (if applicable), grading, building, and/or <br /> landscape plans. The fencing shall remain in place until final landscape inspection by the <br /> Landscape Architecture Division. Removal of such fencing prior to approval may result in a "stop <br /> work order." <br /> 77. PROJECT PLANS: The following statements shall be printed on the demolition, grading and <br /> landscape plans where applicable to the satisfaction of the City Landscape Architect prior to <br /> issuance of building permits: <br /> a. No existing tree may be trimmed or pruned without prior approval by the City <br /> Landscape Architect. <br /> b. Utilize best efforts to locate any new utility trenches outside of the existing canopy of <br /> the trees to be saved. If this is not feasible, the applicant shall submit a report from a <br /> certified arborist acceptable to the City indicating trenching will not be detrimental to <br /> the health of the tree. <br /> c. Nothing may be stored within the dripline of the tree canopies. This includes <br /> equipment, oil, gas, chemicals, harmful materials, fill or storage. <br /> d. No oil, gasoline, chemicals, or other harmful materials shall be deposited or disposed <br /> within the dripline of the trees or in drainage channels, swales, or areas that may lead <br /> to the dripline. <br /> e. No sign, wires, or ropes shall be attached to the trees. <br /> f. No stockpiling/storage of construction materials, fill, etc., shall take place underneath <br /> or within 5-feet of the dripline of the existing trees. <br /> PUD-131 Planning Commission <br /> Page 12 of 13 <br />a demolition permit, or the first building permit, whichever <br /> PUD-131 Planning Commission <br /> Page 5 of 13 <br />