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BACKGROUND <br /> In September 2014, the LAFCo Board of Commissioners voted to delay approval of out- <br /> of-area service agreements and requested the City to conduct a study to analyze the <br /> ability and financial impact to extend water and sanitary services into the Happy Valley <br /> Area of the County of Alameda. RMC Engineering conducted the study to determine how <br /> and at what cost city water and sanitary sewer service could be extended into the Happy <br /> Valley area so every property could connect if desired, not just the properties along the <br /> edges of the area relatively close to existing city water and sanitary sewer pipelines. The <br /> RMC study determined the cost to extend water and sanitary sewer is approximately <br /> $5.7 million. The study was presented to LAFCo and the County of Alameda. The <br /> County of Alameda has indicated funding is not available to construct the water and <br /> sanitary sewer extensions as identified in the study. <br /> The subject site at 6409 Alisal Street is located in unincorporated Alameda County, but <br /> within Pleasanton's Happy Valley Specific Plan (HVSP) area. The site is currently <br /> occupied by a single-family residence, supported by an on-site well and septic sewer <br /> system. The existing well is functioning without issues. The existing drain field of the <br /> septic system has failed. Instead of repairing the drain field, the property owner is <br /> requesting a connection to the city's sanitary sewer system. <br /> Site Description <br /> The subject property is approximately 40,075 square feet in size. The attached map <br /> shows the location of the subject property. The property is located within Alameda <br /> County, adjacent to city limits, and is within the city's Urban Growth Boundary and <br /> Sphere of Influence. <br /> An existing City-owned sanitary sewer line is located along the east side of Alisal Street, <br /> to the east of the subject property. <br /> Preannexation and Provisions of Sanitary Sewer Agreement <br /> Typically, when an owner of property located outside the city limits within the HVSP <br /> area requests city sanitary sewer service, the City would grant such request only after <br /> determining the use on the property to be serviced would be consistent with the City's <br /> General Plan, that no subdivision of the property is proposed, and that the property <br /> owner will enter into a preannexation agreement. A preannexation agreement allows the <br /> property owner to connect to the city's sanitary sewer system prior to the property being <br /> annexed to the city, provided the property owner agrees to the following: <br /> a. pay sanitary sewer connection fee; <br /> b. pay all costs associated with making physical connections to city sanitary sewer <br /> service in a manner consistent with City standards in the determination of the <br /> City Engineer or his or her designee; <br /> c. abandon the existing septic system on the property; <br /> d. pay pro-rata share of previously constructed city sanitary sewer infrastructure in <br /> Happy Valley; <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />